Airsight Deck was a site of a multi-week environmental festival (25.8.-11.9.2023) emerging from weathering the conditions of its location in Seestadt. The site specific public programme was opened to all citizens for free reflects in-depth cohabitation with the constructed city infrastructure, its human culture and its multi-species overlays.

Week I
Steering Through Commons

Join us at Airsight Deck's inaugural week and discover a world, where the boundaries between nature and culture blur. Dive into the world-making workshops, where we explore the power of collective creation amidst the intriguing interplay of toxic materials. 

Week II
Seeing the Unseen

 Thanks to unconventional approaches we will collectively embrace airy unruliness, sensory perceptions, and lived experiences to gain heightened awareness and a deeper understanding of air complexities.

Week III
Familiarising the ecosystem

Discover diverse inhabitants and learn how to care for them through hands-on activism. Explore wild flowers and their insect companions, engage in collaborative planting, seed-sharing, and plant-based cloth dyeing. 

Aspern Seestadt, on Vienna’s fringe is
a landscape delicately framed existing, emerging and promised development. It becomes an integral stage for Lufsichtsturm, inviting visitors to wander through the interplay of wilderness and urbanization, a transformative canvas for human imagination.

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ⒸJakub Węgrzynowicz

Dusts Institute |Kulturplattform für Kunst, Architektur, Wissen – und Gemeinschaft
Florianigasse 5A/3a | 1080 Wien | Österreich

Ⓤ Aspern Nord Ⓤ Seestadt ︎︎︎